Our Core Values

We are a family owned and operated wholesale company. As lifelong athletes and nutrition enthusiasts we love everything about matcha; the way it makes us feel, its intriguing flavors and most of all its many health benefits. Our matcha can easily be incorporated into anyone’s daily routine; whether you are new to matcha, have loved matcha for years, or are looking for great quality at an affordable price. We hope you enjoy Santé Matcha as much as we do!


We like to keep it simple. Which is why we categorize all of our blends by their ideal use, so you can easily choose the best matcha for your particular recipe.


100% pure Japanese matcha; traditionally farmed and harvested on family farms in the fertile mountains of Uji Japan.


No additives or fillers, just pure stone-ground nutrient dense leaves of the green tea plant.

Fresh is Better

We like to keep things simple, so we keep things fresh. Because we are committed to offering the finest, freshest matcha experience, we order all of our matcha fresh from our suppliers for each valued partner. Many other companies hold large inventory for months at a time, but when you choose Santé Matcha you will get an unparalleled level of freshness that you and your customers will love!

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