Santé Matcha

Specialty CoffeeHouse Matcha

Our matcha is served at over 300 specialty coffee houses throughout the country. We are happy to bring you our most popular wholesale matcha blends to enjoy in the comforts of your own home.

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A great way to get to know our matcha! We have selected our most popular blends being served at specialty coffee houses around the country! Simply choose Traditional or Organic, or if you are looking for something sweeter, try our NEW! Matcha+Honey Sampler. Enjoy a FREE 1g matcha scoop with each sampler, to make measuring your matcha simple and easy. Enjoy 15% off our Matcha Samplers,


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  • Simple

    We like to keep it simple. Which is why we categorize all of our blends by their ideal use, so you can easily choose the best matcha for your particular recipe
  • Clean

    100% pure Japanese matcha; traditionally farmed and harvested on family farms in the fertile mountains of Uji Japan

  • Healthy

    No additives or fillers, just pure stone-ground nutrient dense leaves of the green tea plant.