Business Sample Box

Need help deciding?

If you are not sure which blend(s) may be the best fit for your business, or would like more information to better make your choice, we would love to hear from you! Click here for our direct contact information.

Custom Sample Box

Your custom sample box will include the following:

• 10g sample packets. Enough to make between 3-5 beverages or a small batch of baked goods.

• 1g matcha scoop to make measuring the matcha simple and easy.

• *NEW* Matcha + Agave blends that are a great, healthy alternative to our sweetened matcha that is loaded with sugar.

How to Request?

To request a custom sample box, please click on the box below and fill out the form telling us a bit about your business and your current matcha needs. We will gladly get your samples out right away!

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  • Simple

    We like to keep it simple. Which is why we categorize all of our blends by their ideal use, so you can easily choose the best matcha for your particular recipe

  • Clean

    100% pure Japanese matcha; traditionally farmed and harvested on family farms in the fertile mountains of Uji Japan

  • Healthy

    No additives or fillers, just pure stone-ground nutrient dense leaves of the green tea plant.