Pure Matcha Sampler
Pure Matcha Sampler
Pure Matcha Sampler
Pure Matcha Sampler

Pure Matcha Sampler

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Thank you for your interest in our Matcha! Our Sampler Box is a great way to introduce yourself to our most popular blends. Our boxes include both Culinary and Ceremonial blends for you to sample. All orders include a 1g Perfect Matcha scoop! ($5 value!)

Our Traditional and Organic Boxes both include our Kitchen, EveryDay and CoffeeHouse Ceremonial blends. (30 total servings).

Our Blends

Kitchen Culinary

Ideal Use: Recipes where heat is applied, baking, smoothies, bowls, frozen yogurt...

Our most economical culinary blend that still meets our standard of quality.  It is perfect for baking, blending and mixing with other ingredients.

EveryDay Culinary

Ideal Use: Lattes, smoothies, bowls, matcha mylks, cupcakes, donuts, raw treats...

Our top-shelf culinary matcha offers a noticeably bright green color and smooth flavor that stands out in a variety of different everyday matcha recipes.  Enjoy it hot, cold or baked into your favorite recipes.  

CoffeeHouse Ceremonial

Ideal Use: Lattes, hot tea, cold-brew iced tea, cappuccino, frappes, matcha lemonade...

This versatile Ceremonial blend brews beautifully both hot and cold making all of your favorite coffee house beverages. The flavor profile of this matcha tastes particularly delicious when brewed into a latte.



      As matcha is a very delicate, stone-ground powder, proper storage is important to optimize its freshness and quality.

      • Matcha is ideally stored in the refrigerator or freezer. If not available, store in a cool, dry place away from direct light.
      • Store tightly sealed in the original packaging.
      • We recommend that you use your matcha within 60-days after opening when properly stored.