Matcha + Honey!

For over 5,000 years, all around the world, honey has been used for its nutritional and medicinal qualities.  Combine it with matcha and it's an absolute win-win.  The health benefits go through the roof and we set records on the Tastebud Happiness Index (this is not a real thing, but if it was, we would be winning).  We source a pure, dehydrated honey; we then pulverize it and sift it into our Premium House Matcha.  The result is a beautiful vibrant green matcha blend that dissolves entirely into your base (water, milk, etc). 

Thanks to the simple ingredients, our Matcha+Honey is low in calories (15 per serving vs. others with up to 75), packed with health benefits, and allows the subtle flavors of matcha and honey to pop simultaneously.  Once again, because our Matcha-honey ratio is 2:1, our recommended serving size is less than half of other sweetened matcha mixes. Our taste is just a friendly reminder that when you leave out the junk, less is truly more.  If you are looking for a clean, healthy, sweet-matcha option, try our Matcha+Honey blends. You won’t regret it.