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Wholesale is where we started

A lot goes into selecting the perfect Matcha. Not just its origin, specific cultivation methods, and timely production, but how to prepare it before serving as well. For this reason, one of the core foundations of our company is to make that process simple and easy for our customers. We know how busy it can be running a business with all the minute details involved; so we have created our products and way of doing business with you in mind. We like to keep it Simple — we name our matcha by its ideal use, so selecting the perfect blend for your recipe has never been easier.  Different blends have different flavor profiles that can be highlighted in specific recipes. Also, our...

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Is it Matcha or Sencha?

If you’re wondering how we select which matcha to share with you, here’s a quick explanation. The general green tea market can be split into a few sections. In fact, there are over 100 terms in Japanese that break down the specifics of each leaf, region, growth pattern or method, as well as specifics for each location the leaves are grown in. For simplicity’s sake, we’ll break it into the two main teas: Matcha and Sencha.  All of the matcha on our menu is authentic matcha — made from Tencha. The word Tencha refers to a unique growing method, requiring a period of shading, which allows the leaves to maintain L-theanine and chlorophyll (the healthiest active ingredients in green tea)....

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Matcha Tea -Radiation Free

Is your matcha radiation free? Every batch of our matcha is extensively tested not just for radiation, but any other contaminants that should not be in your body

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