Simple - Clean - Healthy: Matcha

As the clean eating/healthy lifestyle movement is growing and gaining popularity, so is our awareness about what we put in our body and how we can achieve our optimal health.  The market is flooded with a plethora of healthy supplements, superfoods, new diets etc, all aiming towards the same goal—optimal health.


Why Matcha Green Tea?

Unlike other green teas and loose leaf teas, matcha allows you to take full advantage of an incredible supply of antioxidants, minerals, amino-acids, and vitamins. Most people are unaware that, when preparing a regular cup of tea, most nutrients remain trapped – hence unused – in the tea leaves. With matcha –which literally means ‘powdered tea’ – you are ingesting the actual leaves of the green tea plant, thus enjoying all the benefits it has to offer! One cup of matcha green tea offers the health benefits of 10 cups of regular steeped green tea.  Matcha is rich in potent nutrients such as polyphenols, minerals (Vitamin A, B-Complex, C, E, and K), fiber, potassium and chlorophyll.  Matcha is especially rich in the amino acid L-theanine, responsible for it’s sweet flavor and the sense of relaxation and calmness associated with its consumption.  Per serving matcha contains 70mg of caffeine (around double that of regular green tea).

The benefits of Matcha Green Tea

An antioxidants powerhouse at your fingertips

Matcha Green Tea is an impressive antioxidant powerhouse.  Generally, antioxidants can be defined as our bodies’ defense agents, responsible for preventing chronic diseases and aging. With each sip, your body will enjoy an incredible dose of antioxidants! Among the numerous health benefits of matcha green tea, our favorites are:

Enhances the fat burning process and boosts metabolism

Research studies have demonstrated that, due to its thermogenic and fat oxidation properties, consuming matcha green tea increasing the metabolic rate, enhancing the fat burning process of your body, making it an ideal addition to a weight loss program or cleanse.

Increases concentration

Used for centuries by Japanese Buddhist monks as part of their meditation practice, matcha green tea acts upon our brain (producing alpha waves), promoting a heightened sense of awareness and concentration thanks to the unique amino acid L-theanine.

Rich source of clean energy

Although it contains caffeine, the caffeine in matcha is absorbed in the body in a prolonged manner, providing a clean stream of energy that last for up to 6 hours without the infamous caffeine crash associated with coffee and other energy drinks.

A powerful detoxifier and cleanser

The color green is often associated with health. Since it is shade-grown, matcha green tea is rich in chlorophyll, a powerful detoxifier which clears the body of heavy metals and toxins.  Matcha is ideal for cleansing.

Healthy-Glowing Skin

Due to its ability to combat molecule oxidation and inflammation, matcha green tea promotes healthy glowing skin, making it’s consumption an ideal part of a healthy routine.