Wholesale is where we started

A lot goes into selecting the perfect Matcha. Not just its origin, specific cultivation methods, and timely production, but how to prepare it before serving as well. For this reason, one of the core foundations of our company is to make that process simple and easy for our customers. We know how busy it can be running a business with all the minute details involved; so we have created our products and way of doing business with you in mind. We like to keep it Simple — we name our matcha by its ideal use, so selecting the perfect blend for your recipe has never been easier.  Different blends have different flavor profiles that can be highlighted in specific recipes. Also, our pricing includes everything you will need to prepare the best cup of matcha the proper tools (chawan bowl, bamboo whisk, whisk holder, frother and sifter) as well as free shipping.  With a click of a button we want you to be able to place your order and call it a day with the confidence that everything you need to prepare your matcha will arrive shortly.  

While browsing our selections, you’ll notice our pricing is 30%-70% lower than our competitors. That’s because here at Santé, we began as a wholesale company dedicated to high-quality Matcha. We noticed the market was full of retail matcha sellers trying to offer their product in bulk as a secondary business. This increases the price, but not the quality. We are proud to offer competitive prices, a very high standard of quality, and exceptional customer service. This is how we keep it Simple. Clean. Healthy.