Koicha Matcha (thick tea)

Behold the classic preparation of matcha used in the traditional tea ceremony.  

Simple Recipe: This traditionally preparation of Japanese matcha tea is about as simple and clean as it gets.  A strong dose of matcha with minimal hot water, creating a thick, syrupy, uplifting matcha tea.

Favorite Santé Blends for this Recipe: Premium CoffeeHouse Ceremonial, or Premium Ceremonial; CoffeeHouse Ceremonial works as well.

Clean Ingredients:

  • 4 grams of Santé Matcha

  • 1.75 oz hot water

Healthy sweeteners (if desired):
Honey, Agave


  1. Sift matcha into chawan (tea bowl) to remove clumps

  2. Add hot water to matcha

  3. Whisk with a traditional bamboo whisk until thick syrupy tea is created.