Welcome to Santé Wholesale Matcha


Here at The Santé Company we are proud to offer a wide array of premium quality Japanese matcha blends.  We believe that the quality of what we put in our body is directly related to our health, so you will only find the finest, purest Japanese matcha on our menu. We proudly offer a variety of different matcha blends, categorized for specific uses, making it easy to select which blends are best for your business.  We offer a number of Culinary and Ceremonial blends, including our Signature Santé ColdBlend.  We source all of our matcha directly from Japan, never from anywhere else.  Please contact info@thesantecompany.com for your exclusive access code to start shopping now.

  • All of our blends are available USDA certified Organic
  • Our matcha is always 100% pure, never with any additives or fillers

  • For your convenience we offer 250/1000 serving packaging for our bulk matcha
  • Minimum Order 2,000 Servings (2kilos)
  • Affordable PRIVATE LABEL services for all of our Santé Matcha products
  • 1 serving=1 gram    1,000 Servings=1kilo    1Kilo=2.2lbs

Santé Small Business Program

Are you a growing business who values clean, quality ingredients?  Are you interested in adding premium Japanese Matcha to your menu?  If your business would like to use our Santé Matcha blends, but our 2kilo minimum is more than you need, we’ve got you covered.  Please contact info@thesantecompany.com, and you will receive a special access code to our Small Business Store so you can get the amount of premium matcha you need, when you need it with no minimum order required, and always the most competitive prices on the market. 

We look forward to partnering with your business so you can offer the highest quality Japanese Matcha to your customers at an affordable price.