• The finest matcha is cultivated in Nishio in the heart of Aichi prefecture, Japan 
  • Highest Quality matcha is Shade Grown, Hand picked and Stone Ground
  • Chlorophyll gives matcha its nice bright green color.
    Bright green = premium quality
  •  Quality matcha has sweet undertones with an earthy
    vegetal smell 
  • The higher the quality, the finer and silkier the powder
  • Authentic matcha is exclusively made from the new growth of the green tea plant. Neither the stems, nor the leaf spines are ever included to produce quality matcha

This culinary blend is grown the region of Uji, Japan. This blend is a quality go-to culinary blend for your favorite recipes. Its color is a deep green, and its taste profiles is a bit more astringent. This blend is ideal for recipes where heat is used, i.e. baking. It also works well as an ingredient for lattes and smoothies. Astringent, making it ideal for recipes where heat is used, i.e. baking. Santé Kitchen Culinary Matcha is perfect for making cookies, cakes, croissants, scones, pancakes, breads, or any other baking recipe that calls for matcha. This blend can also be used to make your favorite smoothie bowls or lattes as well

This is a superior quality culinary blend grown in the region of Uji, Japan. It has a robust matcha flavor, an attractive green color and mixes wonderfully with other ingredients. Santé EveryDay Culinary Matcha is a delicious and healthy ingredient for cold-pressed juices, vegan mylks, smoothies, bowls raw treats, overnight oats, (n)ice creams, yogurts, vegan treats, lattes etc. For Cold-Pressed creations our EveryDay Culinary Matcha mixes well with citrus, watermelon, mint, leafy greens, ginger, apple, and pineapple, to mention a few of our favorites.

Passing SavingsOur Santé Coffee House Matcha is a unique ceremonial blend sourced for it’s versatility. It’s color is vibrant green, it has soft earthy tones and has a naturally sweeter finish. We named this blend our Coffee House Blend because it makes both a delicious hot and iced-matcha latte. As a ceremonial blend our Coffee House Matcha’s Blend depth is much greater than that of a culinary blend, and its color is a brighter, more vibrant green as well. Our Santé Coffee House Matcha comes directly from Uji Japan, and is made of the most tender, bright green baby leaves of the green tea plant.



This unique ceremonial blend is vibrant green, has soft earthy tones, and is naturally sweeter than most matcha, and is intended to be brewed cold. Our ColdBlend comes directly from Uji, Japan and is made of the most tender, bright green baby leaves of the green tea plant. Simply mix 1 serving of Santé ColdBlend with ice cold water in your favorite water bottle and shake until frothy. Honey, agave, and coconut sugar are all great natural sweeteners that work well with matcha. Also, mixes great with coconut water. Perfect pre-work out beverage. This blend also makes delicious matcha latte vegan mylks.

Recipe Ideas for Santé ColdBlend Matcha

  • Cold-Brew Iced-Matcha
  • Iced-matcha latte
  • Matcha Mojitos
  • Iced-Matcha Lemonade
  • Iced-Mint Matcha
  • Iced-Lavender Matcha


Our Premium Ceremonial matcha comes directly from Uji, Japan and is made from the youngest, most tender leaves of the green tea plant. Ceremonial matcha is the grade of matcha that has been used for hundreds of years in the Japanese Tea Ceremony. Our Premium Ceremonial Blend is one of the finest quality matcha blends available at this price level. Its color is emerald green and has a fine silky texture. This matcha has an earthy taste profile with a soft sweet finish. Santé Premium Ceremonial Matcha makes an unforgettable cup of traditional matcha tea and can be used in matcha latte and matcha vegan latte recipes.

Our Supreme Ceremonial blend is an exclusive ceremonial blend grown in Uji, Japan. The level of quality of our Supreme Ceremonial matcha is typically reserved for high-class Japanese tea ceremonies and is very rare to come by. It has an intense emerald green color, a sweet grassy flavor, and froths beautifully. Without a doubt one of the finest matcha blends available. If you are looking to create an exclusive matcha experience for your customers, our Supreme Ceremonial blend will more than meet your expectations. This blend makes a delicately flavored unforgettable traditionally brewed hot cup of matcha tea.