Friends and Family Retail Shop

We are happy to introduce to you our Santé Friends and Family Retail Shop.  Although we are primarily a wholesale business, we want to share our exclusive premium quality Japanese matcha with you.  You can now enjoy our most popular matcha blends being used in your favorite juiceries around the country at an affordable price.  Try our signature ColdBlend matcha, the perfect work-out elixir; our EveryDay Culinary Matcha, a great superfood boost for your smoothies; or a nutritious cup of Premium Ceremonial Matcha, packed with clean focused energy.  We welcome you to our exclusive premium Japanese Matcha collection, always pure, never any additives or fillers.  Just nutrient-dense stone ground baby green-tea leaves.  In appreciation for your registration, use coupon code Sante15 for a 15% discount off your first purchase of Santé Matcha.  Here’s to making Santé Matcha part of  your healthy lifestyle.  Simple.Clean.Healthy.