We like to keep it simple. Which is why we categorize all of our blends by their ideal use, so you can easily choose the best matcha for your particular recipe.


100% pure Japanese matcha; traditionally farmed and harvested on family farms in the fertile mountains of Uji Japan.


No additives or fillers, just pure stone-ground nutrient dense leaves of the green tea plant.

Our Core Values

We are a family owned and operated wholesale company. As lifelong athletes and nutrition enthusiasts we love everything about matcha; the way it makes us feel, its intriguing flavors and most of all its many health benefits. Our matcha can easily be incorporated into anyone’s daily routine; whether you are new to matcha, have loved matcha for years, or are looking for great quality at an affordable price. We hope you enjoy Santé Matcha as much as we do!

Fresh is Better

We like to keep things simple, so we keep things fresh.Because we are committed to offering the finest, freshest matcha experience, we order all of our matcha fresh from our suppliers for each valued partner.Many other companies hold large inventory for months at a time, but when you choose Santé Matcha you will get an unparalleled level of freshness that you and your customers will love!



Our Wholesale Approach


Our rigorous standard of quality means that there is complete trace-ability for each lot of matcha. We source only from farms who can supply appropriate certification and paperwork ensuring the highest level of quality from cultivating and harvesting to processing and packaging. Our matcha is always grown in Japan, never anywhere else.


We conveniently break down our bulk orders into smaller packaging to ensure your matcha stays fresh longer. In addition to bulk matcha, we offer a variety of shelf items that include pouches, canisters, single serves and matcha gift boxes. All of our products are available with custom labels.


As a primary wholesale company our pricing is up to 50% less than other popular retail/wholesale matcha providers.


For our partners, we offer complimentary custom branded marketing materials as well as your behind the counter matcha accessories.

Business Sample Box

We are proud to partner with some of the finest businesses across the country; from specialty coffee houses and pressed juiceries to superfood cafe’s, vegan restaurants, bakeries and natural grocery markets.  If you are interested in partnering with us we’d love to hear from you!  We offer a wide variety of matcha, both Culinary and Ceremonial, Organic and Traditional, (over 30+ to choose from!) so finding the perfect matcha for your recipes has never been easier.

If you are a business interested in offering Santé Matcha on your menu we are happy to send you a complimentary custom Sample Box.  Please click on the box below and fill out the contact form, telling us a bit about your business and your current matcha needs. If you are looking for a specific type of matcha, or a particular price point, this is a great place to let us know. Please include your shipping information. We will get back to you confirming the Santé blends that will be included in your custom Sample Box.


In your Sample Box we will include a 5-gram packet of each blend; enough to make between 3-5 beverages or a small batch of bakery goods. We will also include a perfect 1 gram Matcha Scoop to make measuring your matcha simple and easy.  A pricing card for each blend will be included.



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